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Project eligibility requirements

At DonorsChoose.org you may ask for a variety of resources that will help your students learn! This can include requests for materials or requests for class trips or class visitors. 

Requests for materials:

Most projects for classroom materials are requested through our vendor directory. Check out our list of commonly requested items and vendor list for a general idea of what's available! You'll be able to start shopping once you begin a project. 

You'll want to make sure you have enough points to create the class project of your dreams. Requests for materials from our vendor directory require 1-3 points depending on the cost of the materials.

If you want to request materials that aren't available through the vendor directory, you can submit a special request project once you've earned 6 points. Learn more about special requests.


Class trips and class visitors:

You can submit projects for class trips and visitors for 1 point.


All DonorsChoose.org projects must meet the following criteria:

  1. All requested resources must be used by students or directly provide a student experience.
  2. The request must be appropriate for your school (i.e., if your school can only service PC computers, you should request that type of resource).
  3. The project must not provide a financial benefit (eg. commission, profit, dividends) to the teacher or their network of family and friends, or demonstrate a conflict of interest between a teacher and the vendor.
  4. The project cannot foster discrimination or proselytize a religious or political viewpoint.
  5. Any project that infringes upon a student's safety or right to privacy is not eligible.
  6. We encourage teachers to submit projects that can be carried out at any time during the school year, as it can take anywhere from four minutes to four months for a project to be fully funded.

See great sample projects for inspiration and get started!