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Reimbursements for your trip, visitor, or Special Request

If you are unable to obtain a payment document from your vendor, then you may qualify for a reimbursement when your project is fully funded.

If your project is fully funded and your payment request is classified as a reimbursement, follow these three steps:

  1. Make your payment(s) and collect the itemized receipt(s). Our team will only be able to provide reimbursement for a receipt showing payment has been made. Please do not make any purchases until your project is fully funded!
  2. Make a photocopy of all receipts for your records. Combine all the receipts into one document to upload.
  3. Submit your receipt(s) for reimbursement by logging into your account. Here is more information on how to upload your receipt(s).

Once these steps are complete, we will mail a reimbursement check directly to you or your school.