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What is a thank-you package?

A thank-you package is how you thank your donors for giving! It consists of the following:

  • 6 photos: (always required) Photos of you and your students using the donated materials and implementing the project in your classroom. These 6 photos are posted by you and are visible only to those who donated  to the project. Check out our photo guidelines.
  • Impact letter: (always required) A personalized letter from you to your donors describing the impact the materials you received had on your classroom and your students. You'll submit your impact letter directly on our website. See instructions here.
  • Student thank-yous: Handwritten/drawn thank-yous created by your students showing their appreciation. Before you get started, check out our student thank-you guidelines. Apart from these guidelines, we encourage you and your students to be creative! When your students are finished, mail all letters to our office and we'll forward them on to your donor(s). Not all projects require student thank-yous, you can check if you’ll need to do them by logging in to your account.

To help with your thank-you package, check out our suggested timeline to help plan and complete each component.

Thank you for all your hard work!