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Submitting your impact letter

Your impact letter describes how your project was implemented in your classroom and how your students benefited from the materials you received or the experience you had. It should be completed after your project has started or has fully taken place.

Here’s how to submit your impact letter:

  1. Log into your account and scroll to the “Projects” section to locate your project.
  2. Click on the “Submit thank-you package” button and you’ll see a checklist with the three thank-you package components.
  3. Click on “Describe impact.”
  4. After reading the instructions, scroll down the page until you see the field to write your impact letter. Your list of donors and a closing to the letter are automatically included.
  5. Write your letter between the greeting and closing lines, explaining how the materials you received or experience you had have affected your classroom.

Keep in mind:

  • Your impact letter must be a minimum of 500 characters.
  • Please compose your letter in the text box provided. Copy/pasting from another application, such as Microsoft Word, will interfere with formatting. It’s best to write directly into the form.
  • You can save your letter as a draft if you want to pause and finish it later.
  • Before submitting, click on the link to preview your letter so you can see how it will appear on your project page.
  1. After writing your impact letter, scroll down and check off the agreement statement.
  2. Click “Spell check and publish.”

Your letter will appear on your project page within an hour!