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Confirming your materials and school address again after summer

Teachers are asked to "reconfirm" fully-funded projects and address information at the start of a new school year, if they have any pending orders from the previous year or over the summer. We know a lot can change over the summer and we want to make sure your materials are sent to the right school!

We ask teachers to reconfirm all materials that have been on hold for more than 30 days. The reconfirmation process is very similar to the process you went through when you first accepted the funding for your project - but with fewer steps. We simply need you to confirm that you still need the materials and are teaching at the school listed in your teacher account. All projects that need reconfirmation are displayed on one page and you only need to reconfirm once, even if you receive multiple emails from us.

All orders, even small replacement orders, need to be reconfirmed. Until you’ve reconfirmed, we can’t place your order.

Didn’t have a project funded over the summer? You may have selected replacement items for materials that were not available. If you submitted a replacement order when less than 35 days remained before your school closed for the summer, we held this order to ensure no materials arrived while your school was closed.

Changed Schools? No problem! You can easily change your school affiliation through your account.

If your school has been relocated or changed its address in anyway, please submit a change of address form, through your account.

Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions or concerns!