Requesting gift cards for your project

Typically, we do not allow teachers to request gift cards as part of their projects. We can only accept requests for gift cards if the gift card is a part of the student experience (for example, a trip to a bookstore where students will use gift cards to purchase books).

Requests for gift cards to be used for downloadable materials (apps, ebooks, etc.) will need to go through our reimbursement process. Please note that we cannot reimburse receipts that show a gift card was purchased; but instead require receipts listing the actual downloads themselves.

To maintain transparency for our donors we do not send gift cards to teachers as this does not allow us to confirm what resources are being purchased for your classroom.

Projects for gift cards can only be submitted as a special request or as part of a class trip project, (you would need 6 points to submit a special request, and 4 points to submit a class trip).