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Extending the due date for a thank-you package

Requesting an extension won’t cost you any points or otherwise negatively affect your account, so if it’s looking like you’ll need to request a due date extension for your thank-you package, just let us know. We’re happy to help!

To give yourself more time to complete the project, stop lateness notifications, or to allow for a few more days for your thank-yous to arrive in the mail, follow these instructions:    

  1. Log into your teacher account
  2. Scroll down your account homepage (or any page of our website) and click “contact us” located under ‘Connect’ on the right hand side towards the bottom of the page
  3. Make sure you’re in the “I’m a teacher” tab
  4. Under "What can we help with?" select “Thank-You Packages”
  5. Select "Extend the due date for a Thank-You Package” from the second drop down
  6. Select the project that needs an extension
  7. Using the calendar, select a new due date. (Don’t type a date into the box; the new date won’t take unless you use the calendar! You’re welcome to select a new due date up to two months from your original date.) Select or type the reason for your extension request and submit the form

We know requests for extensions can be particularly, well, time-sensitive, so don’t worry - we'll respond as soon as possible!