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Thank-you package tips for Professional Development projects

You created a professional development project, got it funded, and now it's time to create your Thank-You Package! We know these thank-yous will be a little different from previous projects, and we are here to help.

As always, your Thank-You Package has three elements: 6 Project Photos, a Teacher Impact Letters and Student Thank-Yous. Professional Development projects are a chance for us – and you – to put a new twist on the regular process our donors know and love.  We can't wait to see what you come up with, and we'll update this page with new tips and tricks based on what you submit!

Here are the latest tips and tricks:

For your 6 Thank-You Package Photos

Share a variety of photos that show your donors the impact your professional development project had on you and your students.


Photo Ideas for Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops Projects:

  • The event hall or conference room
  • Event welcome banner, syllabus, program or schedule
  • Guest speakers or speaker panels
  • You in your classroom putting any new ideas into action
  • Your classroom and students - a typical day in your class, showing the students they helped by helping you.

Photo Ideas for Books, Manuals, and Teaching Materials Projects:

  • You opening the package containing your new books, manuals, or teaching materials
  • How excited you are to receive the materials
  • The actual books, manuals, teaching materials you received
  • You reading/using the books, manuals or teaching materials you received
  • A lesson taking place in your classroom that was inspired by the materials you received
  • Your workspace or desk – donors rarely get to see a classroom from a teachers’ point of view!

For your Teacher Impact Letter

Write about the experience you had, what you learned, or the materials you received—describe how you and your classroom benefited.

Ideas for Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops Projects:

  • Describe the event.
  • Which parts did you enjoy the most?
  • Did you meet anyone interesting?
  • What was your biggest take away from the event?
  • How have you implemented what you learned into your classroom?
  • How has this project/experience benefited your students?

Ideas for Books, Manuals, and Teaching Materials Projects:

  • Give a brief explanation of your materials and how you are using them.
  • What was your biggest takeaway?
  • Give specific examples of how you implemented what you learned into your classroom.
  • How are these materials directly or indirectly benefiting your students?

For your Classroom Thank-Yous

Involve your students from the beginning! Explain how your professional development opportunity has inspired new ideas in your classroom.

While students may not have directly experience your project, your donors would still love to hear from them!

  • Have students thank donors for helping you (their teacher) make your experience possible:

“Thanks for helping Mr./Ms.__________ become an even better teacher! Mr./Ms ________ said he/she really enjoyed ________.”

  • If you implemented any new techniques or learning methods you can have students compare new lessons to old ones:

“Thanks so much for helping our classroom! Before we did _________ during math class. Now, we get to _________.”

  • Have students give donors a simple insight into their general learning and what your classroom is currently working on. Although these will not address your experience specifically they will still allow donors to hear from your students and get a window into your classroom:

“Thanks so much for helping my teacher! Right now our class is learning about __________.”

“Thanks so much for helping my teacher! The most interesting thing I have learned this year is ____________. My favorite subject is ___________.”

  • You can also including a note or two from a colleague or your principal – especially if you were able to bring back or share any ideas or resources with your school.

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