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How to enroll your Chromebook in your school’s Chrome Admin console

To ensure your Chromebook can be managed by your school or district, it may need to be enrolled using a Google Chrome Management License.  When creating your project, you can find licenses at Best Buy Education, CDW-G, and Quill.com.

You can find Google Chrome Management Licenses by searching for the following item numbers at each vendor:

Vendor Item Number
Best Buy Education BB19489850
CDW-G 3577022
Quill.com 901-3741892


Once your project containing a License is fully funded, you can expect the vendor to follow up with you directly for information they need to add the License to your school’s system. Completing this information is typically handled in partnership with your school's technology leader. If the vendor already has the information they need, they’ll add the License within a week of when your project is ordered.

If your License can’t be located within the Admin console, you can reach out to the vendor directly for support:

Vendor Contact Info
Best Buy Education bestbuysupport_donorschoose@bestbuy.com
CDW-G donorschoose@cdwg.com
Quill.com donors@quill.com


For district or school technology leaders: