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Commonly Requested Items for Professional Development Projects


When you’re thinking about materials for your professional development, remember that they must have a clear benefit to your students.

In order for us to approve technology for your classroom, your project essay should include:

  • what you will learn from this technology
  • how it will improve your ability as an educator and enhance your student’s learning experience.

For inspiration, check out some of our most popular PD material requests by subject areas:

English and Language


Mindfulness and Emotional Wellness

Financial Literacy

Music and the Arts

General Educator Growth

Please note: All physical materials are considered property of your school according to our materials ownership policy.

Trips and Visitors

You can request a Professional Development trip or visitor project at any time throughout the year. For trips and visitors, please make sure your event date is within 2-8 months of the date you posted the project.

We know events come with other expenses, and we’ve got you covered! You can include the following into your total project cost for the days of the event:

    • up to $30 per event day for food
    • up to $100 per event day for lodging
    • up to $150 per project for transportation

Food, lodging, and travel costs will likely be reimbursements. This means you or your school will provide payment up front and then request repayment by uploading an itemized receipt through your teacher page.

For inspiration, check out these projects that feature commonly requested professional development experiences:


Ron Clark Academy

Get Your Teach On 

Google Educator Certification

Breathe for Change