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Creating a Professional Development Project

Professional Development refers to a wide variety of specialized materials or training, including conferences or classes, intended to help teachers improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.

How to write a Professional Development project essay

In order for your project to be approved, be sure to describe the materials or experiences you are requesting, what you hope to learn from them, and how this learning will benefit your students!

What types of resources or experiences can I request?

You can request resources and experiences to help improve your craft as an educator at any time throughout the year. What you learn must ultimately benefit your students within the school year. For trips and visitors, please make sure your event date is within 2-8 months of the date you posted the project.

We know events come with other expenses, and we’ve got you covered! You can include the following into your total project cost for the days of the event:

    • up to $30 per event day for food
    • up to $100 per event day for lodging
    • up to $150 per project for transportation

Check out commonly requested resources and experiences for professional development.

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How can I thank my donors?

Donors love having a new way to support your classroom, and they’ll be excited to hear about what you learned. Check out our tips for completing your Professional Development Thank-You package.