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What is a Warmth, Care & Hunger project?


Warmth, Care & Hunger is a new subject category you’ll see when creating a project. This category is for projects designed to help you request the essentials your students need in and out of the classroom. Projects in this category aren’t tied to classroom lessons or specific learning objectives; instead, they help make sure your students can come to school their healthiest, happiest selves!

In many ways, a Warmth, Care & Hunger project is very similar to most other projects, from initial submission all the way through to the thank-you package process. But given the particular focus of projects in the Warmth, Care & Hunger category, here’s some detailed information about how they differ from other projects.

What kind of projects fall into the Warmth, Care & Hunger subject category? How can I be sure that the resources I'm thinking of are right for this kind of project?

Your focus should be on creating projects that will meet your students’ most basic needs and allow them to focus more fully in the classroom. Rather than being geared towards classroom learning objectives or student behavior incentives, make sure your project requests are fundamental to a student’s health and well-being.

Here are some examples of projects that fall into the Warmth, Care & Hunger category:

  • Hygiene products like combs, toothbrushes, floss, and deodorant
  • Day-to-day clothing items or winter apparel like coats, shoes, socks, hats, gloves, rain gear, and sleeping bags
  • Meals to send home with your students for evenings and weekends
  • Visitors to your classroom to care for your students, like lice screenings or flu shots (Note: DonorsChoose.org can’t post projects for student trips to doctor's offices.)

Not sure where to find items like these in our vendor directory? Check out our list of where to shop for Warmth, Care & Hunger items

How do I make it clear that my project is a Warmth, Care & Hunger project?

Very simple! When creating your project, make sure to select the "Warmth, Care & Hunger" subject category.

Who owns the materials I request through these projects?

As noted in our 
Materials Ownership Policy, materials you request as part of a Warmth, Care & Hunger project that are meant for your students to take home (like coats, for example) are the property of those students. Questions from your administrator? Let them know they can contact us with any concerns.