Materials Ownership Policy

Who "owns" the materials funded through Glad you asked!

Materials funded through are considered to be the property of the public school classroom and will be sent to the school where the teacher is registered on our site when materials are ordered. When they arrive, materials should be given to the teacher who submitted the project request, to be used in his/her classroom. Materials for Student Life Essentials projects requesting products for students are meant to be given to the students to use and own, and thus the following policy will not apply.

Districts and schools often have policies around documenting or tracking donated items, and we encourage teachers to learn about such policies before submitting requests for funding on our site. will not be able to override these policies, but will provide support in cases where a teacher is denied access to materials that were delivered for his/her classroom.

If a teacher leaves a school:
Any materials that have been delivered to the school by default should remain at that school if a teacher leaves. However, the teacher is welcome to take the materials with him/her to a new school if both of these criteria are met:

  • The teacher will continue to teach in a public school and in a position that meets our eligibility criteria.
  • The principal gives consent for the teacher to take funded materials to use in his/her new classroom.

If you need a list of materials that were awarded, want to know how much funding your project received, or would like to request other specific information regarding the materials you have, contact us.