#BestSchoolDay: When to expect my materials (Updated 4/18/2018)

On March 28, 2018, Ripple fully funded every single live DonorsChoose.org classroom project with the largest single donation in our history. Over 35,000 projects were funded in one enormous $29 million dollar act of generosity!

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Donating during Friends & Family Pre-Funding

We’re giving DonorsChoose.org teachers a new way to share their projects with friends and family! When a teacher submits a project, they’ll be given a special link to share with friends and family even before our team of trained teacher volunteers jump into action to review the project. While screeners ensure the project meets our eligibility guidelines in order to share the project publicly, teachers don’t have to wait to give their closest supporters an exclusive look and chance to jumpstart the project by making a pre-funding donation right away.

Where does my donation go?
Your donation goes directly to the teacher, earmarked for the specific project they are posting. Once the project is approved by our team, your donation will be automatically applied to that project. We’ll send you an email update when the project is fully funded, and DonorsChoose.org then purchases all resources and has them shipped directly to the school.

After the project comes to life, you’ll continue to receive email updates about the project including digital photos of the project in action (posted on our site), and an impact letter describing how the materials were used (posted on our site).

What happens if the project doesn’t reach its goal?
Your donation will stay with the teacher - no action needed. The teacher can post a brand new project and use your donation to support their latest classroom need.

What happens if the project isn’t eligible on DonorsChoose.org?
Your donation will stay with the teacher - no action needed. The teacher can post a new project and apply your donation to support their new idea.