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Protecting student privacy

Every project on DonorsChoose.org is reviewed by our team before posting, to make sure we aren’t collecting or sharing any information that would put students at risk. Here’s how our team and our teachers protect student privacy:

  • Teachers receive permission from a parent or guardian before using a photo that includes a student.
  • Our team removes students' full names and other identifying information if they are included in the project essay or thank-you notes.
  • Our volunteers screen classroom photos to make sure they don't include identifying information or location information, like a name tag or school name and classroom number.
  • Resources that may collect a student's personal data (such as a DNA genealogy kit) cannot be requested from our integrated vendors, and teachers need permission from the student's parent or guardian before using these resources in the classroom.
  • Once uploaded, impact photos are only visible to the project donors to see the impact of their donations

If you notice a student’s personal information (full name, email, phone number, etc.) has been shared on our site, let us know so that we can remove it.