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Receiving live items (i.e., frogs, worms, ants, etc.) for a fully funded project

If you request live items or animals such as frogs, butterflies, ant farms or tadpoles from one of our vendors and your project is fully funded, you will be asked to set a delivery date with the vendor after you confirm the funding and your order is submitted by DonorsChoose.org.

Vendors will typically send an email to you or postcard to your school with directions on how to select a delivery date, as DonorsChoose.org will never set this date for you. You are free to pick a convenient delivery date for your classroom, however, we ask that you keep your Thank-You Package due date in mind, since you will still be required to submit feedback to your donors by the due date you set upon confirmation.

If the vendor has not contacted you within 2 weeks of the order date, please contact our team so that we can follow up with the vendor on your behalf. As soon as an update is available, we will be in touch.