Match Offers

Update 8/30/16:  Our current match offer opportunities (formerly known as Partner Funding Opportunities) have a new home and a fresh new look!  From now on, this page will give a brief overview of the different kinds of match offers we have at, and for more specific opportunities available in your state, click below.

See current match offers available in your state


Our corporate and foundational partners are excited to support great ideas in our teacher community.  Your project may qualify for a match offer or funding opportunity if it meets a certain set of criteria.  Below, you can see the 4 kinds of match offers we have at Double Your Impact, Half-Off, Almost Home, and Selective Funding.  For a list of the match offers available in your state, click here.

Double Your Impact: A Double Your Impact (DYI) offer is a way for a corporation or a foundation to match individual donations for projects that meet certain criteria. Your donors can see their donations double, dollar-for-dollar, to help you bring your project to life.  This is the most common funding opportunity available.  Read the specifics here.

Half-Off: A half-off opportunity is a way for a corporation or foundation to cut the cost of a project in half, by helping a project reach its funding goal as long as other donors fund the first 50%.  Read the specifics here.

Almost Home: As an Almost Home partner, a corporation or foundation makes the following offer: We’ll fund qualifying projects down to under $100 to go (typically $95-$98), as long as other donors pitch in and fund the rest! Read the specifics here.

Selective Funding: A Selective Funding opportunity is an offer from a corporation or foundation that either commits a set amount of funding towards eligible requests (e.g. $100), or is simply a manually-selected Double Your Impact, Almost Home, or Half Off offer. Read the specifics here.


See current match offers available in your state