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How it works: Classroom Rewards

A Classroom Rewards opportunity is a way for our partners to engage teachers and students with online education resources, and in return, teachers who participate can receive a gift card reward.  Classroom Rewards do not require creating a project, but rather using a resource outside of with your students.

Here’s how it works:

  • An education technology provider (or a foundation that works with one) wants to offer a resource to our teachers for free.  They work with us to create a program that makes sense for teachers.
  • They offer to provide a gift card as a reward to participating teachers.
  • Teachers participate in the Classroom Rewards program and complete necessary steps to log their students’ progress, which the team uses to distribute gift cards.
  • Once teachers have successfully completed the program, they receive a gift card from that they can use on any project they choose.

How can I find out about Classroom Rewards programs?

Check the Help Center for current opportunities!  We’ll email you if we find an opportunity that may be a great fit for your classroom.  You can also get information on the latest Classroom Rewards programs in the newsletter and on the blog.

I completed a Classroom Rewards program, but didn’t get a gift card yet.  Where is it?

Since Classroom Rewards opportunities involve using a site outside of, we may have to wait for the signal from the provider that you’ve completed a program before we send your reward.  The help center article for the specific program you completed will have the specifics on how often gift cards are sent and what you might need to do to let us know that you finished a program and earned a reward.  To help us make sure our data is accurate (and you get your gift card ASAP!), it’s important to complete all the steps delineated in the help center for your chosen Classroom Rewards program.