#BestSchoolDay: When to expect my materials (Updated 4/18/2018)

On March 28, 2018, Ripple fully funded every single live DonorsChoose.org classroom project with the largest single donation in our history. Over 35,000 projects were funded in one enormous $29 million dollar act of generosity!

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Match Offers

Our corporate and foundational partners are excited to support great ideas in our teacher community.  Your project may qualify for a match offer or funding opportunity if it meets a certain set of criteria.  Below, you can see the 3 kinds of match offers we have at DonorsChoose.org: Match Offers, Selective Funding, and Classroom Rewards.  For a list of the match offers available in your state, click here.

Match offer: A match offer is a way for a corporation or a foundation to match individual donations for projects that meet certain criteria. Your donors can see their donations double, dollar-for-dollar (or more!), to help you bring your project to life.  This is the most common funding opportunity available.  Read the specifics here.

Selective Funding: A Selective Funding opportunity is an offer from a corporation or foundation that commits a set amount of funding towards eligible requests (e.g. $100). Read the specifics here.

Classroom RewardsA Classroom Rewards opportunity is a way for our partners to engage teachers and students with online education resources, and in return, teachers who participate can receive a DonorsChoose.org gift card reward.  Classroom Rewards do not involve creating a project, but rather using a resource outside of DonorsChoose.org with your students. Read the specifics here.


See current match offers available in your state