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How to edit my project

To edit your "live" project: 

  1. Navigate to our contact form by clicking the contact form link here.
  2. Click Select an issue and from the drop-down menu, choose My posted project
  3. From the next drop-down menu, select Edit my project
  4. Choose your project and click Submit question

If your project has not received donations:

Clicking Submit question will automatically set your project to draft-mode where you can make any edits and resubmit.

If your project has received donations: 

You can use the contact form to tell us exactly what you'd like to change in your project essay.  

To request different materials or experience costs, you can remove your project and re-post it with modified resources by taking the following steps:

  1. Remove your project through your projects page. 
  2. Find the project in the archive section of your account and copy the essay you wrote.
  3. Click "Create a project" to start a new project. You'll need to shop for the materials again (with any modifications you need), but you can enter the same essay from the original version.