Gentrify cronut humblebrag glossier pickled cold-pressed gluten-free. Before they sold out paleo.

Shabby Chic:

How to edit my project

To edit your "live" project: 

  1. Navigate to our contact form by clicking the contact form link here.
  2. Click Select an issue and from the drop-down menu, choose Edit my approved project
  3. Choose your project and click Submit question

If your project has not received donations:

Clicking Submit question will automatically set your project to draft-mode where you can make any edits and resubmit.

If your project has received donations: 

You can use the contact form to tell us exactly what you'd like to change in your project essay.  

To request different materials, you can remove your project and re-post it with modified materials by taking the following steps:

  1. Remove your project through your projects page. 
  2. Find the project in the archive section of your account and copy the essay you wrote.
  3. Click "Create a project" to start a new project. You'll need to shop for the materials again (with any modifications you need), but you can enter the same essay from the original version.