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Removing or deleting an active project

Through your teacher account, you can remove any project that's currently available for funding.

Before removing a project, read the guidelines below. If you're comfortable with these guidelines, you can remove any project, with the exception of Class Trip and Class Visitor requests.

Scroll to the “Projects” section on your projects page, click the “Live” tab and then click "Archive project" next to the project that you wish to remove. Please note the following:

  • Removal is permanent and irreversible. The project will be archived and moved to the “Other archived” tab, on the Projects section of your projects page, where you can view it but you won't be able to edit or repost it.
  • The points you used to submit this project will be returned to your teacher account. You can use these points to post another project in the future.
  • When you remove a project, any donations will be returned to the donors as DonorsChoose.org account credits. If any friends and family made donations, however, we’ll send those donations to you automatically as DonorsChoose.org gift codes to use toward your next project.