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Instructions for applying a promo code

Have a promo code? That’s awesome!

To use a promo code:

  1. Choose a project to support.
  2. Enter the amount you'd like to give, and press "give." (Don't include the match amount. We'll take care of that.)
  3. Proceed to check-out.
  4. Underneath "Complete your donation," click on the words "Apply a gift or promo code"
  5. Enter your promo code and click "Apply"
  6. Enter remaining payment details and press "Place this donation."
  7. You’re all set!

Here’s what it looks like:


Additional info:

Gift card redemptions, donations made with account credits, and checks cannot be matched.

Promo codes may limit how many dollars can be matched per donor.

Every promo code has a defined end date.