Project expired before it was fully funded

If you're a donor, here's the deal:

If a partially funded project expires or is removed by the teacher, we'll email you so that you can decide what happens next. We'll send credits back to your account, and you can then choose how those credits should be applied. You can select a new project to support, or you can send the donation back to the original teacher in the form of a gift card.

We send you that email the day after a project expires, and you'll have 30 days to choose an option. We understand that life gets busy (and you may forget to choose), so after 30 days, we'll either apply those funds to our Community Fund to be applied to other classroom projects in need, or, we'll send the original teacher a gift card!

If you're a teacher:

If your project expires without full funding, the points that you used to post your project will be returned to your account so that you can try again.

Although you're unable to directly repost an expired project, if the items in the expired request are still needed, you can create and submit a new request for similar items. Remember: you can always access your expired projects in your account, so it's easy to use when creating a new project.