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Shabby Chic:

Submitting a class trip or visitor project

While each class trip and visitor is unique, below are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind when planning your project.


  • Projects should take place during this school year and within 2-8 months from the day you submit your project.
  • If your trip or visit has a deposit or payment due before the event date, use that date as your event date when submitting the project.

Project Cost:

  • You’ll need a price quote for each cost of your project. These are uploaded during project creation.
  • Partial Cost Projects: You’re welcome to cover part of your trip or visitor costs outside of your project. Please be sure to include those details in your essay so your donors and our team knows. Read more about the points needed to create a project.
  • Trip only: For costs where a price quote is not available (e.g. food or souvenirs), we'll ask you or your school to agree to be reimbursed for those purchases. Learn more about reimbursements for fully funded projects.

We love to support your classroom creativity! We just ask that your projects steer clear of a few ineligible items: substitute teacher salaries, airline tickets not quoted by a trip provider, and pre-paid costs prior to your project being fully funded.