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Promo codes: The lowdown

Have a promo code? That’s awesome!

When entered during checkout, DonorsChoose.org promo codes instantly double donations made via credit card, PayPal, or Amazon Payments when possible*. Gift card redemptions, donations made with account credits, and checks cannot be matched.

If the promo code allows gift purchases to be matched, we'll match any gifts cards being purchased with printable gift cards of equal value.

If a matching donation would exceed the amount needed to complete a project, the donor will receive a printable gift card for the balance if the donor gave to a live project. If the donor gave during Friends & Family Pre-funding, any excess match will be given to the teacher’s account for their next project.

The details of your donation and the way that it was matched are available in your email receipt, which was sent to you right after you placed your donation.

Keep in mind that every promo code has a defined end date, so be sure to use your promo code as soon as you receive it!

*A 100% match may not be possible if:
A portion of the donation is being made with account credits or gift cards; or
The donor is nearing the per-donor limit for that particular promo code.