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What are account credits

DonorsChoose.org account credits are like DonorsChoose.org dollars that you can use to support projects on our site. You can get DonorsChoose.org account credits if: 

1. The project you supported does not move forward, and you've opted to choose a new project.

2. You’re an automatic monthly donor, and we've just charged your credit card.

3. You redeem a DonorsChoose.org gift card, but don't spend the full amount.

4. You purchase account credits.

5. You pledge a check donation, and the project you want to support is partially or fully funded, or expires before your check arrives in our office.

We'll email you when you have account credits to spend.

To make sure that students get the resources they need as quickly as possible, we'll apply them to a project on your behalf if you haven’t applied them yourself within 30 days. If you purchase account credits directly however, they will remain active for 1 year after purchase.

Want more time to use your account credits? Simply sign in to your account, visit your "private info" tab, and click the "extend" link to push that expiration date forward by 30 days.