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Guidelines for student thank-yous

When you submit your student thank-yous, we can get them to your donors - and update your account! - faster if you follow these guidelines:

  • 5 thank-yous for each qualifying donor. Not all donors require student thank-yous, so double-check your thank-you package instructions to find your donor list for each project. For small classes, it's okay to have each student write multiple letters.
  • Use the donor salutations (when available). Your donors asked to be addressed a certain way, so ask your students to address their thank-yous accordingly. For instance, one donor might request to be addressed as "Mary," another as "Mrs. Smith," and a third as "Mary Smith."
  • Mention the specific resources funded. Donors love learning exactly how their funds were used, so the more specific your thank-yous, the more likely a donor may be to come back and support another classroom (or yours, again!).
  • Review thank-yous before mailing them to make sure they don’t contain student last names, your school address or classroom number, or any inappropriate content.
  • Don’t send media items such as CDs, DVD, flash drives, etc.
  • If you have more than one donor, separate the letters for different donors using paperclips, then send the whole bundle in one single envelope with our pre-paid label.

For suggestions on creating student thank-yous for different grade-levels, head here

For suggestions on creating student thank-yous for students with special needs, head here