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Updates to our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

We updated our Term of Use & Privacy Policy, effective February 22nd, 2019. In addition to design and structural changes to make them easier to read and understand, we’ve also included updates to reflect new features and services. Here’s an overview of some of the important changes that were made, but be sure to review the policies linked above for the full text.

  • We added a new section titled “Important Note for Teachers” at the top of our Terms to call out important requirements for our teacher users.
  • We added a Copyright Issues section that links out to our Copyright Policy.
  • We provided more details in our Teacher Terms section to better identify the specific terms that govern each part of the project life cycle. Things that only used to live in our Help Center, like our Materials Ownership Policy and Thank-You Package requirements, are now laid out in this section.
  • We updated our Donor Terms to reflect the changes we’ve made to make it easier for teachers to still benefit from donations from their friends and family members when a project expires.
  • We updated our Privacy Policy to reflect new features, like our teacher referral program, and to more clearly disclose the third party services we use to deliver site features.

We know that Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents aren’t the most exciting reads, but we’ve tried to make it a little easier to navigate with a side navigation panel, and one line summaries that give you a sense of what each section is all about. By using DonorsChoose.org, you agree to be bound by these new Terms and Privacy Policy, so we want to make sure you know what you’re agreeing to!