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Infosys Foundation USA matching donations on professional development projects for the Pathfinders Summer Institute, starting February 22, 2019

Update 3/8/19: Post your DonorsChoose.org Pathfinders Institute projects by March 26th will receive an additional $50 donation which will be matched to the project, for a total $100 donation! We will make the donations every Thursday within that time frame.


What kind of match?

All qualifying projects will receive a 2X Match. That means a $20 donation will become a $40 donation.

If your project meets the criteria below, new donations on your project will be matched as long as funding remains. You will see the match offer applied to your project as soon as it is approved and live on the site. Please note, the match offer will not appear during Friends and Family Pre-Funding.

Step 1: Apply to Pathfinders Summer Institute

  • Apply to one of the Pathfinders Institutes through the Pathfinders website. Check out Pathfinders’ different Institutes here. Read further instructions for applying here.
    • Please note: Applications for Infosys will close on April 15.

Submit your Pathfinders application

Step 2: Post a project on DonorsChoose.org

  • Once accepted to your Institute, The Pathfinders Team will email you a campaign code to use on DonorsChoose.org. Once you receive the campaign code, create a professional development trip project and enter the campaign code by clicking “Got a campaign code?”


    • If you don’t see an option to select “Professional Development” (see image below), click the “Advanced options” link and the “Professional Development” option will appear.


  • In the “What” section of the project creation process, select “Trips.”
    • Select  the Institute to which you were accepted.
    • If you don’t see the list of Pathfinders Institute options, make sure you’ve entered the campaign code.
    • The Institute you select will automatically include travel, lodging, and food, which will be coordinated with The Pathfinders Team.
  • Projects must be submitted by May 14th.
  • Teachers who post their DonorsChoose.org Pathfinders Institute projects between February 22-March 26 will receive an additional $50 donation which will be matched to the project, for a total $100 donation. We will make the donations every Thursday within that time frame.

Create your project


If you have questions about applying to Pathfinders or Institute specifics, you can reach out to The Pathfinders Team at Pathfinders@infosysfoundationUSAevents.org.

If you have questions about the match offer or creating a project on the DonorsChoose.org site, you can reach out to the DonorsChoose.org team through our contact form. 

With thanks to Infosys Foundation USA

Infosys Foundation USA’s mission is to help bridge the digital divide in America and to bring to everyone the skills needed to become creators, not just consumers, of technology. They are proud to support teachers everywhere who are working to bring greater access and inclusion in computer science and maker education.