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Classroom Rewards of $50 for the PwC Charitable Foundation’s Digital Fitness Challenge, starting January 16, 2019

Update 5/31/19: If you are experiencing issues receiving emails regarding your app registration or password reset, please see our FAQ section below for further details on how to get the information you need.

Update 4/29/19: This Classroom Rewards opportunity is now active again. See below for more details!


How does it work?

When you download the PwC Charitable Foundation Digital Fitness Assessment app and complete the assessment, we’ll send you a $50 DonorsChoose.org gift code within 2 weeks. You can learn all about the DFA app here.

How to qualify for the rewards

1. Fill out this interest form with your email to get a link to the “Digital Fitness Assessment” app.

2. Follow the link and download the “Digital Fitness Assessment” app. Accept the Terms of Services and create an account using your school email address.

3. Fill out your details within the registration form and choose a password. Check your email for an activation link within 24 hours of creating your account. (If you don’t see the activation email, check your ‘junk’ folder.)

4. Reopen the Digital Fitness Assessment app and log in.

5. After getting acquainted with the app, complete the 23-question assessment about your digital fitness. Taking the assessment should take you about 15 minutes.

6. Once you have completed the assessment, view the results and take a screenshot of the assessment score page. You will need this screenshot in order to receive your $50 DonorsChoose.org gift code. (Not sure how to take a screenshot? See our FAQ below.)


7. Fill out this completion form to let us know you successfully participated in the Classroom Rewards. You will be asked to upload the screenshot of the assessment score page from the app.

8. Once we receive your completion form we will send you your $50 DonorsChoose.org gift code. Expect to receive your gift code within 2 weeks of submitting the completion form.

Fill out the completion form


Q1. I'm not receiving emails regarding registration information or password reset information. What should I do?

A1. It's possible that your mail system is blocking these emails from getting to your inbox. To help get you registered or reset your password, take the following steps:

- Register or attempt to change your password as instructed by the application.

- If you do not receive an email with your registration or password reset information, please use the following link to reset your password: https://gx.fedsvc.pwc.com/PasswordManagement/ 

- If you continue to have access issues, please contact the Digital Fitness Assessment app customer support team at us_dfa_servicedesk@pwc.com.


Q2. When I tried to sign up in the app I got the message ‘Your company does not have access to the Digital Fitness App.’ What do I do?

A2. Please reach out to customer support at us_dfa_servicedesk@pwc.com and mention that you are a DonorsChoose.org teacher. They will get your school listed so you can participate.


Q3. How do I take a screenshot on my phone?

A3. Depending on your device, here’s a guide to taking a screenshot on Apple products, and one for Android devices.


Q4. I don’t have a smartphone, can I still participate?

A4. You can download the PwC Charitable Foundation Digital Fitness Assessment app on any tablet or smartphone device. You will not be able to participate using a computer.


Q5. I don’t use my school email address for my DonorsChoose.org account, is that okay?

A5. That’s fine! You’ll need your school email address to create an account in the PwC Charitable Foundation Digital Fitness Assessment app. When you complete the completion form linked in this article, please sign in to your DonorsChoose.org using your normal account information.


Q6. I am having trouble uploading my screenshot on my phone. What should I do?

A6. If you are having any trouble uploading a screenshot on your mobile device, please use a desktop computer to upload your screenshot.


Q7. I've already participated in this Classroom Rewards in its first iteration. Now that the Classroom Rewards are back, can I participate again?

A7. Teachers may only participate in this Classroom Rewards opportunity once. If you have already received your DonorsChoose.org gift code for this Classroom Rewards, you will not be eligible to do so again.


If you have any other questions about this Classroom Rewards opportunity, contact the DonorsChoose.org team through our contact form.

If you have a question about the app itself, check out this FAQ from the PwC Charitable Foundation, or contact their team at us_dfa_servicedesk@pwc.com and mention that you are a DonorsChoose.org teacher.