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Can my students resell items from a DonorsChoose.org project?

Items from a DonorsChoose.org project cannot be resold if they are simply sold as-is. Items, except technology, can be sold if students are using the requested items to create something new.
In your project essay, specify exactly how you and your class will use the profits. Also, describe your students' learning experience from selling their new creations.

Read more for specific examples:

What is the intent of the project? 

  • Ineligible: The learning goal is about the profit - getting the money to buy things, donate money, etc.
    • Example: “My students need money to buy costumes for our spring musical, so we will sell brownies.”
  • Eligible: The goal of the project is learning how to produce something and sell that new item.
    • Example: “My students need brownie mix to learn how to run a bakery. With the money, we will buy costumes for our spring musical.”

Are the materials being manipulated in some way before being sold?

  • Ineligible: The student will purely repurpose or repackage the materials and sell as-is.
    • Example: A project requesting store-bought brownies that the students will sell as-is.
  • Eligible: The students will significantly change the requested materials and then sell them.
    • Example: A project requesting brownie mix that the students will turn into brownies and sell.

Where are the profits from the sale going?

  • Ineligible: The profits from the sale go directly to the teacher or students, be it in the form of cash or check.
    • Example: The brownie bake sale profits are divvied up among the students at the end of the day for them to pocket and take home.
  • Eligible: Any other intended use - giving to charity, buying more supplies for the school store, buying classroom supplies, fundraising for an event, etc.

Some schools and districts have specific policies about selling items and fundraising. Check your school’s policy to ensure that your project is compliant.