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Hurricane Michael: How you can help has created a recovery fund to help teachers and students get the supplies they’ll need to recover and get back to learning after Hurricane Michael.

How can donors support the effort?

You can make a donation to the Hurricane Michael Recovery Fund that will be applied to classroom projects when they are posted by teachers in damaged schools to help rebuild and restock their classrooms. Every dollar donated through the fund will be used to support classrooms get the resources they need so that students can get back to learning.

Once projects are posted in the coming weeks, we plan to display them on the recovery page so that you may select specific Michael-damaged classrooms that you wish to support.

What schools have been damaged?

If you know of a public school that has sustained severe damage, please submit a report to our team.

Where can affected teachers go for information about getting support for their classrooms?

Our Hurricane Michael: Info for teachers article outlines how  teachers can get support, report their school as damaged, and view updates on shipping materials for fully-funded projects.