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Hurricane Michael: Info for teachers has created a recovery fund to help teachers at impacted schools create projects for the disaster recovery materials they need in the coming weeks. Every dollar donated at will be used to fund a classroom project in a school affected by Michael.

Reporting Damaged Schools

If you know of a public school that has sustained severe damage, please submit a report to our team.

My classroom was damaged by the storm. How can I get support?

You can create a project for the supplies you need to rebuild your classroom (if you don’t yet have an account on, get started here). It helps to describe within your project the impact of the hurricane at your school. As we receive support from our community through the recovery page, we'll be prioritizing supporting projects in schools that have sustained damage from the storm.

Shipping Updates

We are temporarily holding orders areas that have declared states of emergency:  Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. We'll begin sending orders again as soon as we see the course the storm takes and we've verified that materials can be delivered.