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Classroom Rewards and 5X Match Offer on Connecticut student engagement projects, thanks to the Dalio Foundation has joined with the Dalio Foundation and other partners across Connecticut to initiate the Connecticut Opportunity Project: a collaborative endeavor to unleash the tremendous untapped potential of young people who are disengaged from high school in Connecticut. It is an initiative that brings together teachers, non-profit leaders, youth counselors, mentors, mayors, and young people to advance positive youth outcomes.  

Public schools and teachers are incredible partners in this endeavor through In this second year of the Connecticut Opportunity Project, high school teachers are invited to participate in a webinar showcasing how teachers and students are working together to increase student engagement. When schools are effectively engaging students, they demonstrate the key themes of personalization, relationships, and connections. The webinar features five promising and inspiring projects created by Connecticut teachers as exemplars of these themes.  

Additionally, high school teachers and counselors are invited to create projects that exhibit personalization, relationships, and/or connections for their own students.  Qualifying projects will receive quintupled donations from the Dalio Foundation, while funds last.

Here’s How to Participate

  • Best Practices Webinar: Watch this 45-minute recorded webinar showcasing how teachers and students in Connecticut are working together to increase student engagement.  This webinar will feature five promising and inspiring projects created by Connecticut teachers as exemplars of the three themes of personalization, connections, and relationships.

  • Post-Webinar Form: After you have watched the webinar, fill out this survey, and the team will email you a $100 gift code within two weeks.  Please note: While any educator is welcome to view the webinar, only Connecticut public high school teachers and counselors registered on will be eligible for the $100 gift code.
  • Create Your Project: Projects promoting student engagement in your high school will be eligible for a 5X match offer, thanks to the Dalio Foundation.  This means, if you received a gift card from completing the webinar survey, your $100 will turn into $500! [Note: You do not need to wait for your gift code to create your project. You can apply the gift code whenever you receive it.]

 To qualify for quintupled donations:

  • You teach in a high school classroom in Connecticut.
  • Start a new standard project and make sure to enter the campaign code “DALIO” by clicking "Apply a campaign code."
  • Describe the ways your students exhibit signs of disengagement. This might be through attendance, participation, or some other behavior.
  • Request the materials you need to increase student engagement in your school.
  • Explain how you'll use one or more of the key themes of personalization, connections, and relationships to specifically serve disengaged students.
  • Keep your total project goal under $1,000, including taxes, shipping, fees, and the suggested donation to support

Create your project

If your project meets the criteria above, you should see the match offer applied to your project as soon as it’s approved and live on the site (however, it won’t appear during Friends and Family Pre-funding).  New donations will be quintupled as long as funding remains. 


Need inspiration?

Here are the five projects that a panel of educators, school leaders, district leaders, and community members found promising and inspiring in promoting student engagement:

Personalization - Projects designed to meet students’ individual learning needs and/or empower them to contribute to the design of programs to more effectively meet their needs

Relationships - Projects that foster trusting and supportive relationships with adults and students, and/or lead to a positive and safe school environment

Connections - Projects that provide enrichment opportunities for building students’ sense of how to connect with the larger world