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Classroom Rewards for CS First, Animate a Name with support from Google

Update 12/4/18: The teacher feedback survey for this Classroom Reward is no longer active. If you’ve already submitted the feedback survey, you will still receive your $100 gift card. Thank you to our community for participating in this opportunity!


Thanks to our friends at Google, 3rd–8th grade public school teachers who engage their students in the new CS First coding activity, Animate a Name, can earn a $100 gift code.

Here’s how it works

1.  Neither you nor your students need any prior computer science knowledge to participate. In fact, these rewards are especially meant for teachers and students who have not before tried any CS First activities.  Teachers can start by exploring Google’s free teacher resources.

As context, the “Animate a Name” activity takes 15 to 60 mins to complete. It starts with an introduction video, and then your students will get the chance to use basic coding principles to make an animated version of a name.

2.  Create a CS First teacher account:


          a.  You’ll need a free Gmail/Google account to get started. (Don't have one? They're free and easy to create!)

          b.  You’ll be asked for your school address and a few other details.

3.  Create a CS First Club for your class, and invite your students to join the class and create their own student accounts at

4.  When you’re ready to teach Animate a Name, send your students to the Animate a Name activity you’ve selected - the activity is available in both Spanish and English! Help at least twenty students complete the activity (and the survey that follows it) to qualify for rewards. 

5.  When all your students are done, fill out this teacher feedback survey to let us know. As part of the form, you’ll be asked to upload a screenshot of your CS First teacher dashboard showing 20+ student completion stars, so be sure to have that image handy. Note: To save and share the projects your students create, your students will need to be logged in to Scratch. They can use the same logins and password generated on CS First used to join your club in Step 2!

6.  Once you’ve filled out the survey, the team will email you a $100 gift code within 2 weeks, while funds last. We’ll update this page if we’re ever running low. For the best chance of receiving a gift code, complete the activity by November 30th.