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Shabby Chic:

3X Match on test preparation and tutoring projects, thanks to an Anonymous Donor

Starting September 28th, your test prep project can come to life at half the cost thanks to matched donations from an anonymous donor. This anonymous donor is committed to ensuring that students have the test preparation and tutoring services that they need in order to learn and thrive. They’re excited to support higher education-bound students with this 3X Match Offer! gives your students specialized test prep and tutoring for the SATs, ACTs, or AP tests, making it the perfect addition to your high school classroom.  One subscription will get you tutoring for one test for up to 50 students! (Have more than 50 students that need test prep tutoring? Let us know.)

Here’s how to qualify:

  • These materials are best for students taking SATs, ACTs, and AP courses (most likely 9-12th grade students)
  • Create a standard materials project requesting only the test prep license from AKJ Education. For easy searching, shop through AKJ Education, and search for “Albert Standard Building School Year License (50 Students) Match Offer.”
  • Keep your total project goal under $725, including taxes, shipping, fees, and the suggested donation to support

Create your project

If your project meets the criteria above, you’ll see the match offer applied as soon as your project’s live (however, match offers won’t appear during Friends and Family Pre-Funding).  Matching donations will continue as long as funding remains, and we’ll update this page if funding is running low.