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Funding is complete: One-day Back-to-School Boost from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

This one-day back-to-school boost is complete! Thanks to every donor and teacher who made yesterday so special for classrooms across the country.


Yesterday, we teamed up with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to give all donations to live, approved projects a 50% back-to-school boost. For example, the boost turned $20 into $30, or $50 into $75 — which means every dollar donated boght more books, pencils, paint brushes, and chalk for every classroom, just in time for the first weeks of school!

Here’s how to activate the back-to-school boost:

  • When a donation of any amount was made to a live, approved project, The Gates Foundation will automatically boost the donation by 50%.
  • The boost was be available from 7:00 AM EDT (8/22) until 3:00 AM EDT on 8/23.
  • The back-to-school boost was applied automatically.
  • Some projects qualify for other match offers; in that case, they received the match they currently qualify for, instead of the back-to-school boost.

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Frequently asked questions about the back-to-school boost:

How does the back-to-school boost work?
The back-to-school boost will stretch any donation you give or fundraise today by 50%. That means if a project receives a $10 donation, The Gates Foundation will automatically boost it to become a $15 donation.

Can the back-to-school boost match donations made before today?
In an effort to make sure the funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation can give a boost to every eligible donation today, the back-to-school boost will only be applied to donations made on 8/22/18.

Will the Gates Foundation apply the boost to gift cards/account credits/check donations?
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation back-to-school boost will be applied to donations of any size made to active projects via credit card, Amazon Payments, PayPal, DonorsChoose.org gift card, or DonorsChoose.org account credits. Check pledges, gift card purchases, and account credit purchases will not be matched.

I’m a teacher and my project qualifies for the Teacher Friends and Family promo code.  Will the back-to-school boost match the promo code, too?
Today’s boost will apply to all donations made to your project automatically.  Donations made with credit card, account credits, or gift cards on 8/22 will all receive the back-to-school boost if the project qualifies, with no per-donor donation cap. (For the rest of a project’s first week, donors can enter the Teacher Friends and Family promo code and get up to $50 of credit card donations matched.)

I submitted a project just now so that I can get matched donations on my project.  Can you approve it?
We have all hands on deck to make sure as many projects as possible can benefit from this one-day-only boost.  While we’re working on approving your project, feel free to share your submitted project in Friends and Family Pre-funding. Eligible donations will receive the boost if your project is approved today.