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Classroom Rewards for sharing Google’s Applied Digital Skills units to adult learners this summer


Thanks to support from Google, teachers who teach a College or Continuing Education lesson from Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum to adult learners (like classroom parents or your local community members) can receive up to $500 for their classrooms!

Applied Digital Skills is a new curriculum from Google that helps to teach digital literacy, problem-solving and creativity in the context of essential skills for any job. In a self-paced blended learning environment, learners practice life skills while collaborating and creating projects. The lessons are completely free and the video-based tutorials teach critical thinking and digital skills learners need to succeed, like building a resume, leading a project, or planning an event. Instructors facilitate the course using provided lesson plans and can track learner progress along the way.

How to Qualify for Rewards

1. Start thinking about settings where you’re around (non-teacher) adult learners who would be excited about the Applied Digital Skills content, now before the end of the school year, or during the summer. Examples include: a parent night at your school, or an adult ed event at your local library.

2. Create your Applied Digital Skills Instructor account, if you don’t have one already. You'll need a Google account to sign up (Gmail address will work. Don't have one? They're free and easy to create!)

3. Follow the prompts to create a class:


Click on the Curriculum tab at the top of any screen to peruse the units available. Choose which full unit you plan to complete with at least 5 adult learners. There is a special section of options for adult learners that you can filter by, which will be helpful in choosing the right units for your group:


4. Teach the adult learners the unit you’ve selected! Be sure they enroll using your class code so they’re associated with you as learners. Lesson plans are provided for these units to help you prepare.

5. Let us know you’ve done this awesome work, and we’ll send you DonorsChoose.org gift codes, as follows:

Initial Thank-You

Completion Rewards


Fill out this form to let us know you taught Applied Digital Skills to adult learners, e.g. the parents of your students or community members.

As part of this form, we’ll ask you to upload a photo of at least 5 adults trying out Applied Digital Skills, and we’ll ask for the email addresses these adults used to sign up.

Within 2 weeks of completing this form, we’ll send you a $100 gift code underwritten by Google.



Fill out this completion form to let us know you’ve completed one unit with at least five adult learners.

As part of this form, we’ll ask you to upload a screenshot of your dashboard showing that 5+ adult learners completed this activity, so be sure to have that handy. You should see checkmarks next to their names to show that they have seen most of the videos. 

If everything checks out, you’ll be emailed a $400 DonorsChoose.org gift code within two weeks!