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Classroom Rewards for sharing Google’s Applied Digital Skills units with middle and high school teachers this summer

Thanks to support from Google, teachers who lead a training before August 30 about Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum for other teachers can receive DonorsChoose.org classroom funding credits. You can earn $100 in classroom funding for each teacher you refer who successfully completes a unit of Applied Digital Skills with 50+ of their own students before November 20.

Applied Digital Skills is a new curriculum from Google that helps to teach digital literacy, problem-solving and creativity in the context of essential skills for jobs of the future. In a self-paced blended learning environment, learners practice life skills while collaborating and creating projects. The lessons are completely free and the video-based tutorials teach critical thinking and digital skills learners need to succeed. Instructors facilitate the course using provided lesson plans and can track learner progress along the way.

How to Qualify for Rewards

1. Start thinking about settings where you’re around other middle and high school teachers who would be excited to learn about Applied Digital Skills before August 30. Examples include: a professional development day at your school, or a conference for teachers. (Some events may need you to sign up or register ahead of time to give a training or presentation, so keep that timing in mind. Or, you can plan your own event!)

2. Visit this page and create your Applied Digital Skills Instructor account, if you don’t have one already. You'll need a Google account to sign up (Gmail address will work. Don't have one? They're free and easy to create!)

3. Follow the prompts to create a class:


Explore the Curriculum tab at the top of any screen to peruse the units available. Brainstorm which student units your middle and high school teacher colleagues might want to try with their students come the fall.

5. Prepare for and give your training or workshop on Applied Digital Skills! This can happen before the end of the school year, or during the summer. Check out this great sample agenda to help you with ideas for your event. Since you’re teaching other teachers about the curriculum, we recommend enrolling them as your “learners” in a class so they can get the fun of trying out the video lessons. If you’re an experienced Applied Digital Skills instructor yourself, share personal stories or tips on how you integrated lessons into your classroom!   

6. Don’t forget to make sure your trainees get set up with Instructor accounts so that they’re ready for fall. If they joined your class as a Learner during the session, they can go to g.co/applieddigitalskills/role and changing their role to Instructor.  If they teach 50+ middle or high school students an Applied Digital Skills unit before November 20, you'll both be eligible for rewards while funds last.

7. Let us know you’ve done this awesome work, and we’ll send you DonorsChoose.org gift codes, as follows:

Initial Thank-You

Completion Rewards


Fill out this form to let us know you shared Applied Digital Skills with your colleagues at a professional development session or conference.

As part of this form, we’ll ask you to upload a photo of at least 5 of your colleagues trying out Applied Digital Skills for the first time, and we’ll ask for the email addresses they used to sign up as instructors themselves.

Within 2 weeks of completing this form, we’ll send you a $100 gift code underwritten by Google while funds last.

When your colleagues go on to use Applied Digital Skills with new students in the fall, we’ll ask them who referred them to the program. If they enter your email address, you’ll receive a $100 DonorsChoose.org gift code as a thank-you - no action needed on your part! (That means if you refer ten colleagues who all use the curriculum, you could earn $1,000 for your classroom come the fall.)

Check out the details of our regular Applied Digital Skills student rewards program.