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Your School District + + #BestSchoolDay

By now, you’ve heard the good news that every classroom project in your school district was funded on! See the background on how Ripple made today the #BestSchoolDay.

We would love for your district to be able to use this as an opportunity to shine a light on the work of your district and to high five your amazing teachers! Here are a few ideas for how you can get the word out:

  1. Share the news on social media. You can find template language below for both your school district, your superintendent and your staff.
  2. Celebrate with your teachers. Send an email to your teachers, congratulating them on the big day (we’re calling it #BestSchoolDay)! And, keep the momentum going by encouraging your teachers to create projects on Below is a template draft email.
  3. Reach out to your local reporters. Here is a template local press release. Email for impact stats in your district.

Here are more resources on #BestSchoolDay:

  • 101; with more information about our model
  • Fact Sheet; explaining the history of #BestSchoolDay and its nationwide impact
  • School District Toolkit; including case studies on how school districts use our site, and communication templates to share information with your principals and teachers
  • logo files; we use our full name when written and spoken: (capital D, capital C, ".org" at the end)

Here are social media templates. #BestSchoolDay, @donorschoose, and @ripple are the hashtags/handles for the announcement:

Social post for your Superintendent and District

Every @DonorsChoose project in the country was fully-funded last night! Congratulations to all of the amazing teachers in our community who are part of today’s #BestSchoolDay celebration.

BestSchoolDay_WeGotFunded_Horizontal.jpg       BestSchoolDay_WeGotFunded_Square.jpg  

External-ready link to images


Template celebratory email for your Superintendent to send your teachers

Dear [District] principals and teachers,

Today is a day for celebration! As some of you might already know, last night every single classroom project request on was funded by Ripple, a San Francisco-based technology company.

We had XX teachers in [District] have a project funded last night, including [teacher] at [school]’s project [project name] and [teacher] at [school]’s project [project name]. In total, [District] received [$total funding] in a single moment. Congratulations to each of you who had a project funded!

If you’ve never used or are interested in posting a new classroom project, now is the perfect time to get started. I hope you’ll create a project!

Here’s how:

  • Come up with an project idea that you think will bring your classroom to new heights. The more it’s able to boost how your classroom is bringing [District priority] to life, the better!
  • Sign up for an account at if you don’t already have one.
  • Submit your request — the whole process shouldn’t take more than 25 minutes. When you project is funded, ships the supplies directly to your classroom.

If you request any technology resources, be sure that the items compatible with [District] systems — don’t hesitate to check with [IT team/staff] if you’re unsure.

I can’t wait to see what you create!



P.S. has even more funding opportunities that can help your project along! Take a look at some of the current opportunities.

Any questions? Email