#BestSchoolDay: When to expect my materials (Updated 4/18/2018)

On March 28, 2018, Ripple fully funded every single live DonorsChoose.org classroom project with the largest single donation in our history. Over 35,000 projects were funded in one enormous $29 million dollar act of generosity!

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Selective Funding for bringing Student-Centered Learning Environment Innovation Challenge winning projects to your school

Update 4/20/18: All funding for this opportunity has been applied to eligible projects.  We can't wait to see these school-wide student-centered learning environments come to life!


This past fall, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation invited DonorsChoose.org teachers to submit their most innovative ideas for creating student-centered learning environments.  After considering all entries, teacher judges selected 3 innovative winners based on projects’ replicability in classrooms nationwide. Now, if you implement one of the winning ideas with two other teachers at your school, all three of your projects will be considered for full funding, thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  

Before you create a project, you’ll need to complete the interest survey.  We’ll share a campaign code (which you need to submit your project for this opportunity) with teachers who complete this survey, which prompts you to explain how you’ll implement one of the winning ideas in your school in collaboration with two other teachers at your school.

Here’s how to qualify:

Update 4/6: the interest survey has been closed.

  1. Fill out this interest survey, which will ask you to explain how you’ll implement one of these ideas in your school. You’ll also be asked for the email addresses of 2 other teachers at your school who will create related projects of their own.  
    • One teacher per school must complete the interest survey before creating a project.
    • You’ll collaborate on the overall idea with these 2 other teachers, but each teacher will create their own project. Only projects from schools where 3 teachers have collaborated on the same idea and created their own projects will be eligible for full funding.  
    • You’ll receive a campaign code that corresponds with the project you’re interested in after you’ve submitted your responses.
  2. Share the campaign code from step 1.c. with the 2 other teachers whose email addresses you shared in the interest survey.  
  3. Create a project using your campaign code replicating the corresponding idea.  Enter the campaign code on the first step of your project creation process.
    •  You can request materials from any vendor, as long as the theme aligns with the project you were inspired by.
  4. Keep your total project goal under $1,000, including taxes, shipping, and the suggested donation to support DonorsChoose.org.  
  5. Your project is being considered for full funding if:
    • You see the Gates logo on your project (that’s right--as an added bonus, you get a 2X match while you wait for 2 other teachers at your school to create projects of their own!)
    • Two other teachers at your school create projects that meet the criteria above with the same campaign code.
    • You’ll have the best chance for full funding if your projects are submitted and posted by April 19th.
    • Our team will fully fund eligible projects starting on April 20th until no funding remains.
    • A maximum of 3 projects per school may be considered for full funding.

Project title

Core idea to bring  to your school

Resources you could request

Brought to You By: Project Based Broadcasting

Create a broadcasting station to engage students in project-based learning across multiple subjects.

Microphones, green screens, cameras, or recording devices.

(Staples Advantage, Woodwind and Brasswind, Best Buy Education)

Building Student Engagement With EverBlocks!

Create an escape room challenge related to your learning goals, or stackable blocks to redesign your classroom.

Blocks, stackable blocks, or anything you’d use to create an escape room challenge.

(BreakOut EDU now available through AKJ Education)

Outdoor Student-Centered Nature Environment

Create an outdoor learning space or classroom on your school campus.

Outdoor gardening supplies, outdoor seating, bird feeders, or other resources that help your students learn outside.

(Lakeshore, Quill.com, Teachers' School Supply)

Want more inspiration? Check out our blog post featuring these teachers’ projects in action!


Your project will not be considered for full funding until 2 other projects at your school have been created, implementing the same idea from the table above and using the same campaign code.  Funding is limited to 3 teachers (3 projects) per school. At least one teacher per eligible school must complete the pre-survey to obtain the campaign code; schools that are not represented on the survey will not be considered for full funding.