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#BestSchoolDay: When to expect my materials

UPDATED April 18th, 2018: Our team has been working around the clock since #BestSchoolDay, March 28th, to purchase and ship your materials. The best place for information is the order status page for your project.



Congratulations on getting your classroom project fully funded! Our team is working in overdrive to get your new resources to you as quickly as possible. Our vendors received an unprecedented number of orders as a result of #BestSchoolDay—35,647 projects funded in just one day! Due to the high volume of orders, fulfilling projects may take slightly longer than usual. Here is what to expect next:

When will my materials be ordered?

Within a few days of your project being fully funded, you’ll receive an email instructing you to confirm your project funding. After you’ve completed those steps, our team will place your order within two weeks. We’ll send you an email notification once we’ve placed all orders for your project.

When will I receive my materials?

Most items will arrive within 3 weeks from the date we place your order—though many vendors ship much faster! Magazine subscriptions and live items (e.g. frogs, butterflies, ants, worms, etc.) have special processing times, and large or heavy items may extend shipping times by several weeks. You can find order updates and tracking information directly from the vendor on the order status page of your project.

An item from my order was unavailable. When will I be able to choose replacement resources?

Occasionally, items are unavailable to ship by the time a project is fully funded. If this happens, we’ll email you instructions to instructions to select new material(s). Again, due to the high volume of orders at this time, you should expect this email two weeks after your order was placed.

My school is closed for spring break! Can you hold my order?

If your materials have already been ordered, don't sweat it! We rely on local delivery personnel to deliver materials during school hours and in most cases they automatically hold deliveries to schools during spring break. You can track your order on the on the order status page of your project, and if your materials are not delivered within the first week back at school -- let us know. We can help out!

Summer break is just around the corner! Will I receive my materials before the last day of school?

Choose to have your resources sent when you need them. You can tell us your availability when you confirm your project funding, and we’ll place your order based on the date you select. Just to make sure everything gets where it should, we’ll also email your principal that resources are on the way.

Otherwise, if your project is fully funded close to or during summer break we’ll hold your materials until the start of the next school year so packages don’t deliver to closed doors.