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FAQs Classroom Rewards for coding activities with Google

I completed two/three units, when do I get my bonus gift card?

If you complete two activities by June 30, you’ll be eligible for a bonus $25 gift code while funding lasts. And if you complete all three activities by June 30, you’ll be eligible for a $50 bonus gift code while funding lasts. Bonus codes will be distributed by the end of July (one $25 or $50 code per teacher).

What should my completed dashboard look like?

You should have at least 20 students listed, each with a star next to their name. A star indicates your student has watched all the activity’s videos and completed the post-activity student survey.

Why am I seeing check marks instead of stars?
Check marks indicate that your student has started the activity. In order to earn a star, each student has to watch the main activity video, complete the survey and click through to the last page of the activity.

I’m having trouble taking a screenshot of my dashboard.
If you’re having trouble getting all 20 stars on a page, you can save your screen as a PDF:

  1. With your CS First Teacher dashboard page open, press Command + P (on a Mac) or Ctrl + P (on a PC). This will bring up your Print screen.
  2. Select “Save as PDF”, name your file, and click Save.

What if I teach fewer than 20 students?
We realize classes come in all shapes and sizes, so just reach out to us and let us know if your class has fewer than 20 students, so we can keep an eye out for your survey completion and make an exception if possible. 

What if several teachers at my school want to complete these activities, and we teach the same students?
That's fantastic! Just be sure you check out the ideas for adaptations included in each activity’s lesson plan to keep things fresh for students.

I need more help creating my teacher account for CS First. Where can I learn more?
Please find more information about creating teacher accounts for CS First in Google's CS First help center.

I need more help getting my students logged in to my CS First club with new usernames and passwords. Where can I learn more?
You can read more information about creating student accounts in Google's CS First help center.

How can my students save their projects and share them (either with me as their teacher, or family members and friends)?
The best way for students to save and share their work is by logging in to Scratch using their unique usernames and passwords that were generated when joining your CS First club (review steps 2 and 3 above on how to create your teacher account and club, and review step 4 for how to help students join your club). With that login information, students may click the “Remix” button in the upper right hand corner of their project editor screen in Scratch, sign in, and then click “Share”. This will create a shareable project page, with a URL that can be copied and pasted to others. See the Logo Activity lesson plan for more information.

How do I find/create a club with the Valentine's Day or Earth Day activities?
Create a CS First club using the "Create your own Google logo" activity. Then, click the “Materials” tab in your teacher dashboard. You’ll be able to toggle between activities 1, 2 and 3. Activity 1 is the original “Create your own Google logo,” activity 2 is Valentine’s Day, and activity 3 is Earth Day. Click “Student videos” to navigate to the activity page.


What if I just want to view the activities first?
Visit and click "Student Activities" under Create your own Google logo to see the activity pages outside of the club.