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Posting a project for the March For Our Lives on March 24

Since the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, we’ve heard from teachers who have been facilitating some of the toughest conversations of their careers with their students about safety, violence, policy, and moving forward.  We stand ready to support teachers and students as they heal and have conversations about this horrible event.  

If you plan to submit a project to attend the March For Our Lives on March 24 in Washington, D.C. or one of the other host cities, we’re ready to help.

Ordinarily, trip projects must be submitted at least 2 months in advance of the event itself.  With March 24 just weeks away, the easiest way for our team to support travel, lodging, and food for short-notice trips is through a reimbursement.  The way we’d be able to best facilitate this is for you or your school to agree pay for any trip costs up-front if your project is fully funded, and we’ll send you a reimbursement within 2 weeks.  The steps below are meant to be read as you go through the process of creating a project, so click here to get started creating your project as you read through these steps.

Here’s how to create a trip project for the March For Our Lives in any city:

  • Click the blue Create a Project button on your account and create a Standard or Student Led project (depending whether your 7-12th grade students are helping you create this project).  You can also click the green button at the bottom of this article, or the link above.
  • On the “Who” step, describe your classroom and your students.  Talk about some of the conversations you’ve had about Parkland, FL or activism in your classroom.  If you haven’t done so already, upload a classroom photo.
  • On the “What” step, request funding for a trip to a March by selecting "Class Trip.”
  • Our system will prevent you from selecting March 24 as the trip payment due date, because we typically need at least 2 months to make sure you can fundraise and we can process all payments.  To get around this, select the earliest available date on the calendar--we’ll work behind the scenes to make sure your project will be coordinated for March 24 if it’s fully funded.
  • If your students will need busing or other transportation costs, upload payment information where prompted.  Make sure these transportation costs on your payment documents are for the March For Our Lives on March 24, not the date you selected in the project creation process.
  • Note in the “Brief Description” field on the “What” step if you or your school are not able to accept a reimbursement. We’re able to make exceptions for these cases, too!
  • In the “Why” step, describe the impact participating in the March will have on your class.  Mention the “March For Our Lives” in your essay, so that our team can find your project and coordinate details.
  • Review and submit your project.  You’ll hear from our team within two business days.  
  • As soon as you’ve submitted your project, you’re welcome to begin fundraising.  We know there will be donors eager to help! 

Create your project

Questions? We’re here to help. Email us at marchtrips@donorschoose.org and we’ll be in touch within one business day.