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How to qualify for the Salesforce.org 2X Match on Warmth, Care & Hunger projects

Update 6/25: Funding for New York City has been fully applied to eligible projects and donations to NYC projects will no longer be matched. We will update this page if additional funding becomes available.


Here’s how to qualify for the Salesforce.org 2x match on Warmth, Care & Hunger projects:

  • Your school is located in Atlanta, Boston Public School District, Chicago, Indianapolis, Oakland, or San Francisco.
  • Enter the campaign code NURTURE when you start your project.


  • Request resources like hygiene products or clothing that your students are not receiving at home.  You can also request medical supplies for specific students.
  • Keep your total project goal under $1,200, including taxes, shipping, fees, and the suggested donation to support DonorsChoose.org.
  • Select Warmth, Care & Hunger as your subject.

Create your project

If your project meets the criteria above, you should see the match offer applied to your project as soon as it’s approved and live on the site (however, it won’t appear during Friends and Family Pre-funding). New donations will be matched one-to-one as long as funding remains.

Need inspiration?  Here are some of our favorite Warmth, Care & Hunger projects:

We know that teachers wear many hats and consistently go above and beyond for their students. They’re often the front-line social workers in schools, and regularly assist their students with critical life needs, like warm coats, clean clothes, personal hygiene items that would otherwise have been provided at home. Salesforce.org is matching donations to projects that provide these resources to students to help kids in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Oakland, or San Francisco come to school healthy and ready to learn.