Double Your Impact (and a special surprise!) from on Chromebook Projects

Update 3/5/17: Funding for this match offer has been fully used up on qualifying projects, and new donations will no longer be matched. We'll update this page if any additional funding to support this offer becomes available!

-- is celebrating this holiday season in true philanthropic style: by contributing $5M to classroom Chromebook project requests on

On December 20, kicked off this Chromebook campaign by fully funding all Chromebook requests from highest poverty schools. All Chromebook projects at highest poverty schools submitted before 12/19 qualified for this flash funding, and if your project was fully funded, it will be ready for purchase by our team once you’ve confirmed you still need these resources.  (Heads up: our winter ordering break means your Chromebooks will only be delivered when school is in session, so no need to worry about devices arriving at an empty school office.)

Additionally, Chromebook projects from all schools can now qualify for a Double Your Impact offer, and new donations to eligible projects will be matched by Google.  If you already have a project requesting Chromebooks up, you’ll see the logo on your project page, which means your project automatically qualifies for matching donations.  If you don’t have a Chromebook request up but need this technology in your classroom, see the details below so you can qualify!

Here’s how to qualify:

  • Create a project requesting Chromebooks.  
  • Many districts require purchasing Google management console licenses, so check with your district IT team to see if you’ll also need to request these with your Chromebooks. If you already received Chromebooks and would like consoles, feel free to create a new project requesting just these licenses, and your license request will qualify for the Google match offer.
  • Chromebooks require a decent wifi connection and an email address for each student and teacher to use and manage these devices. Your IT team will know if these devices are a viable option for your school!
  • For more tech project tips for success, click here.

Create your project

If your project meets the criteria above, you’ll see the offer as soon as your project is live and new donations will be matched right away, while funds last. We’ll update this page when funds are running low, but rest assured that if you see the logo on your project page, donations are being matched.

Already benefitted from the flash funding or match offer? Our friends at Google designed this website just for you, to help you to work most effectively with your new Chromebooks.  Cheers!