Double Your Impact on Arts and Music Projects with the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation

The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation believes strongly in fostering hands-on arts and music exploration in the classroom. This winter, they want to help you bring your first arts or music project to life at half the cost!  The JOCF will select the most innovative and engaging art and music projects to support with a special Double Your Impact match offer that will match new donations from citizen donors.

Here's how to qualify:

  • You've never had a fully funded project on
  • Make sure your school is listed as highest poverty on
  • Create a project that requests the music or arts resources your students need--anything that gets them creating art in a hands-on way!
  • Keep your total project goal under $500
  • Select a subject category in the Music and the Arts section
  • One project per teacher can qualify for this offer

Create your project

Projects that meet the above criteria will be considered for this opportunity by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation every 2 weeks.  If your project is selected, you'll see the JOCF logo on your project and new donations will be matched.

Need inspiration?  Here are some stand-out projects that have been selected so far: