Creating a project for the TOON Books match offer

Update 9/13: Funds for this opportunity are running low! We're super excited to see how many classrooms are using these graphic novel sets to capture young readers' imaginations. We'll update this page as soon as funds run out. 


TOON Books is the world's premier graphic literature publisher, and they believe that making meaning out of reading with the aid of visuals may be the best way to become a lifelong reader. TOON aims to introduce more children to the pleasure of comics while supporting teachers with effective teaching tools to promote visual literacy.

Projects requesting TOON Books “10 Prize-Winning TOON Graphics for Middle Grades” can qualify for a one-to-one match from TOON books. Teachers from all grade levels are welcome to participate in this match! Although these book sets are geared towards 3rd-6th-grade students, you know your readers best. 

For more information on this initiative from TOON Books, visit their website here.

Here's how to qualify:

  • Create a project requesting the following TOON Graphics set, titled  “10 Prize-Winning TOON Graphics for Middle Grades” 
  • Make sure you only shop at AKJ
  • Make sure your cart contains only the book set and no other materials
  • Only projects requesting one book sets will be considered 

Create your project

If your project meets the criteria above, the offer will appear as soon as your project is live.  

Need inspiration for your project?  Check out these awesome projects: