Classroom Rewards for attendees of the December 2016 PwC-KWHS Seminar

Attendees of the December 2016 PwC-KWHS Seminar for High School Educators on Business and Financial Responsibility in Philadelphia are eligible for this special opportunity to earn a $250 gift card. By helping at least 15 students master key financial literacy skills using the Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab by February 13, 2017, 200 teachers can receive a $250 gift card funded by the PwC Charitable Foundation!

The PWC Charitable Foundation supports and scales the work of innovative organizations that create better access and programs for the underserved, as well as prepare, train or re-credential talent for jobs in today’s changing economy so that educators, school leaders and non-profits across the country can transform education.  

Consistent with the PwC Charitable Foundation’s commitment to investing in education, this program encourages teachers and their students to explore the new Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab to broaden and develop students’ financial literacy skills. Through the Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab, students can access custom videos, real-world examples, and interactive activities designed to empower young minds with financial and economic knowledge. The modules are available online at no cost, with topics ranging from saving and investing to credit and debt and paying for college. Teachers may receive a $250 gift code by helping 15+ students successfully complete one module on the Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab. 

Here’s how to qualify for rewards:

1. Fill out this one-minute sign-up survey. . The first 200 teachers to complete the survey will be eligible for rewards, and we will update this page after achieving this number of signups. Once the survey is completed, you are all set to move on to the next steps below - no need to wait for any confirmation email.  Note: as this is an exclusive opportunity to the attendees of the December 2016 PwC-KWHS Seminar, please do not share this survey with others.  Anyone who did not attend the PwC-KWHS Seminar may still be eligible in the general Earn Your Future Classroom Rewards opportunity here.

2. Visit the Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab and create your teacher account (if you have not previously registered). Be sure to use the same email address you use on


3. Follow instructions on the Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab to add students and create a class such that every student has their own user ID and password.

4. Help your students progress through the Earn Your Future™  Digital Lab by selecting a module appropriate for their grade level:

5. To be eligible for rewards, you must have 15 or more distinct students earn a badge for the module you’ve selected. Students can earn a badge by answering enough questions correctly in the post-test section embedded within the module.

6. Check your students’ progress anytime by downloading a report in your teacher dashboard:

To be eligible for the reward, your report must show “Yes” in the “Badge Earned?” column for 15 or more distinct students for one module:

7. The deadline for helping 15 or more students earn a badge is February 13, 2017.  We will update this page if any funds remain after that deadline.

8. If you are one of the first 200 teachers to participate and you help 15 or more students earn a badge by February 13, 2017, you will automatically receive a $250 gift code via email by March 1. Each teacher may receive only one $250 code, though as many students as you want are welcome to use the modules.  These gift cards will expire on 3/17/2017.