Selective funding: $10 per donation for your first week

Update 11/15/16: As of November 15, funding for this offer is closed. If you received an email about this funding offer, you’ll continue to receive the $10 match on your first 10 donations for your project’s first seven days.

Teachers have done a stupendous job at rallying their communities to support their projects with this offer! To ensure that all qualifying teachers have the chance to benefit at least once from this offer, the anonymous donor supporting these donations will be adding an extra $10 to only the first 10 donations per project. We hope this gave your project a good head start, and stay tuned for more exciting funding offers to come this winter.


Did you get an email about an extra $10 for each donation? Here’s why: this winter, an anonymous donor wants to help every donation you get go a little further. For eligible projects’ first seven days, the first 10 donations you receive unlock an extra $10 in funding.

What projects qualify:

  • This funding offer is applied to projects posted on or after Nov. 5.
  • Projects must not already benefit from LIFTOFF or another match offer.
  • You’ll receive a notification via email the day after your project is posted if your project qualifies for this offer

When will each donation’s $10 appear on my project?

The $10 unlocked by each donation will be added within 24 hours of the donation. To know if your donation has received the extra $10, look for a separate $10 donation from “An Anonymous Supporter” within the next day.

How long will this offer last?

If you receive the email, your project is guaranteed to receive that extra $10 for the first 10 donations you receive over the first seven days! New projects will stop being notified about this offer when funds run out.